Saturday, August 8, 2009

Working Hard on Etsy Shop

In the past week I've really been working hard on making DesignerFavors a success. So far I've:
- Worked on this blog (although this is my first post in awhile I've been working on updates and editing)
- Worked on a Facebook page (although it's still not complete, although I did get the word out on my personal account).
- Got involved in Etsy Forums (they can be addicting)
- Revisited my Twitter site and make some new contacts,
- Added new pictures to my Flickr account
- And most importantly I've made several new designs and have been experimenting with photographs.

No sales yet, but I am hopefully that things will pick up soon!

Check out my site at:


  1. Very pretty store! Your going to do great, your favors are beautiful!
    Your head must be spinning like mine, lol. I've also been working on my blog, flickr, fan page, twitter, forums and chat.
    I hope it all pays all for us :)
    Best of luck!

  2. Thanks! I could use the encouragement right now.