Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Great Gift for Teachers

It's back to school time and I found some great new items to use in the classroom or to give as gifts. Check out these terrific etsy finds.

Playing Dough
Did you know playing with Tic♥Tac♥Dough is not only fun, but educational too? Shhh-- the kiddos don't have to know!

Learning benefits:
• Promotes creativity
• Encourages generosity
• Builds fine-motor skills

Tic♥Tac♥Dough is available in an assortment of colors and scents. From calming lavender to brain-boosting orange; unscented also available! Gluten allergy? Gluten Free available!

Teacher Magnet Set
What teacher wouldn't love this at home or in the classroom!

The magnet was done on an embroidery machine. Rayon embroidery thread was used. It has 2 layers of a stiff fabric inside so that way it is not a flimsy magnet.

The magnet has a 1" wide x 2" long strip of a strong magnet on the back of it.
The ornament has a ribbon loop sewn into it.

Classroom Clipboard

No more loose papers. Keep all of your lesson plans and homework assignments together in one super cute spot.

This is an altered art decorated clipboard measuring approximately 6" X 9". The front and back are covered in quality scrapbook papers and sealed with coats of mod podge as well as permanent acrylic sealer. Various ribbons decorate the clip at the top and there is also a hanger for hanging when not in use. The coordinating papers are in bright colors and various prints, including a cute alphabet print on the back. A great gift for a teacher!!!

Please visit these great shops for more unique items!


  1. As a former preschool teacher I can attest to the many wonders of any form of dough, now if only there was a way to keep it off the floor...

  2. Amy makes the best clipboards! I just ordered 2 from her and they are awesome!!