Thursday, January 14, 2010

Flutters Interview

Shop Feature!!!

Yet another wonderful shop found on Etsy!  I came across Flutters this week and had to share.  I contacted her to talk with her about her amazingly cute, girly items.  Here is what she told me:

Tell me a little about yourself
I'm a stay at home Mom and I home school. Obviously that puts me at home a lot, and I also haven't had a car for a few years due to a bad accident I was in. So, I have had a lot of free time to craft and create!

Why did you start making your items?
I went to a craft show and bought some hair bows for my daughters. They were so expensive I thought "I can do this!" So I figured it out, perfected it to my taste and then moved on to Bow holders from there. You have to have somewhere to put all those bows, right? :) I love trying new items that my girls are interested in. The hair wreath has always been a favorite of mine, and my girls love to dress up. I always get their opinion on what I make. I love having their honest advice.

What is your inspiration?
I love beautiful, girly things, but I find myself very practical. I have a husband that works with his hands and he is a perfectionist in all he does. I always show him my work to get his opinion on durability and quality. If I don't like an item, I won't send it until I am satisfied with it! I've torn apart many a crocheted hat after completion because of a little something I just didn't like. I am looking for quality, uniqueness, and beauty. I want my items to have something different about them that can only be found in my shop. 

Anything else you would like people to know about your shop?
I really enjoy the use of vintage buttons. I like using them on my clips, and crocheted hats. Many of these are truly one of a kind because I only have one of that particular button! I also want ideas! If a customer has something they want and they don't see it, I want to know. I would love to work with them to come up with what they were looking for.

If you are interested in updates and new products, I have a facebook page:

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