Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2009 Wedding Color Trends

Each wedding season sees a turn on the color wheel. The tends seem to go from pretty pastel to bold and beautiful to the natural touch. Most often, the themes seem to mimic those of the fashion industry. This year is no exception.

Bright, bold colors are the trend this year. Hot colors such as tiffany blue, sunshine yellow and orange abound in 2009. In addition black and white as well as pink continue to remain on par. Also, carrying over from the 2008 season are soft greens, lilac and chocolate brown.

Exotic, tropical color schemes are very popular. This includes turquoise blue, peach, orange and yellow. These colors are easily coordinated and can be incorporated into your entire wedding from dresses to the the flowers to the favors. Use you imagination with these colors. The are fun and exciting.

Pink has always been a wedding favorite. There are so many beautiful shades that your entire wedding can be done in white and multiple shades pink. However, this year is all about a brighter more youthful pink. One elegant alternative would be to keep the bridal dresses more classic pink and brighten with bolder shades in your favors and flowers.

Who can resist and stylis black and white wedding. It is so timeless that you can't go wrong. However, your accents can always be contrary. Pairing your black and white bridal party with red, burgandy or any vibrant color will really bring out the beauty of your day.

In the end, the colors you choose are your choice and should reflect your dream wedding. Whether your prefer light pastels or bold exotics, you won't go wrong as long as stay true to your vision.

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